"Earth without Art is just Eh" - Anonymous 


I am just one young artist wanting to make a difference, one smile a day


Every morning, I make a cup of coffee and I reach over to grab the newspaper comics. Nothing completes my morning more than reading about my favorite comics that make me smile. Until one day, we didn’t get the paper anymore... 


Not getting the paper anymore stirred up some ideas for creating my own silly comics. I doodled up Lucie, my beagle, in a story form with Nicky, Lucie’s best friend. The stories were inspired by funny things they do on a regular basis, and thus a new comic was born!


Creating these comics and receiving positive feedback on them has made me realize how much I love doing this.


I hope everyone enjoys Lucie and Nicky’s silly antics as much as I do. I cant say it enough, but



I would love to thank my family, friends, and especially all of my Instagram Followers.


I dedicate my artwork to my Mommy, I hope she has been reading my comics in heaven; I love you <3


Frankie for pushing me and being my #1 fan, I love you so much <3


Last, but never the least, Lucie for being my absolute inspiration, I love you sooo much baby Lu <3